Epicentric is developed by:

Virtuous Circle S.a. Via Calgari, 2 6900 Lugano (Swizerland),
Founded in June 2015

As Epicentric progressed, I realized that the Vision and the nucleus of Values ​​and Needs on which Epicentric was based, was potentially going beyond the application in Music and Multimedia files only.

The vision continued to expand and “explode” in all directions but this great wideness was not allowing me to channel my focus and my energy effectively.

Next to my analysis of the specific music context, I was taking notes and continually expanding an analysis of the more general context, a sort of “what happens in the world” and I was feeling the pulsion to act in different areas too,

Those latent needs in Epicentric’s users were in fact latent in so many other areas, wherever those values ​​were threatened by the trends  that reduce man to a mere consumer.

Therefore, those latent needs have become the “mother hypothesis” of a larger project: Virtuous Circle: Tools for Human Evolution.

My burning desire towards an instrument to put music in my life had brought me far beyond.

Luigi Romano
Virtous Circle Ceo/founder