Why to own music

Epicentric Vs. Streaming Platforms

Music “for rent”

Over the last 5 years we have suffered the attempt, unfortunately successful for the most part, to disenfranchise us of our Music.

Huge platforms supported by financial giants such as YouTube, Spotify, Microsoft’s Groove, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, who are able to continue to suffer huge losses for decades in order to gain market share, have arrived on the scene and have basically told us:

“Get rid of your music!”

You don’t need your CDs and your music files, you can throw them in the trash… because we’ll give you ‘All the Music you could want’ at 9.99 per month!

And now over the years, they have been pushing us to subscribe to their music catalogs with the “all you can eat” formula, or the “free” option that always entails an avalanche of advertisements.

The end of music ownership
Music streaming services are not your friends

These entities have set up long-term economic and financial operations in order to grab the profits that were previously divied up within the music industry, thus causing, amongst other things, the artists to lose out, as well as inexorably lowering the quality of Music itself.

But above all, they have caused a great devaluation of something so precious to us, a debasement that can’t be hidden from true Music Lovers.

Music devaluation

The Epicentric Vision

We too care about music deeply, and realize that those who really love music also want to own it.

That’s why Epicentric works with the music that’s yours, that you actually own, and wants to help you  organize it, rediscover it, enhance it, treasure it, and harness its great power to increase its beneficial impact on your life.

“It is clearly a tool created by those who love music, for those who Love Music”

Power of music

Why we choose to own our Music

1) To Own is to Love

How can we explain certain emotions?
How can we explain the experience and the feeling of appreciation that we feel when we look after our own Music collection?
When we add to it, and see it expand piece by piece?
When we admire it or just think about it, when we arrange it and catalog it, and of course, when we listen to it?

We don’t want you to have to give up these feelings!

But at the same time, we’d like to encourage you to use new technologies to have Music become an even bigger part of your Life!

Problem solved!

If you have CDs or vinyl, convert them into files, and upload your Music collection to Epicentric’s cloud.

You’ll then be able to access your Music collection from any device, and you’ll have a powerful and innovative tool to manage, enjoy and share your playlists and your music!

2) An emotional Bond with every track:
Your Music Universe

If you don’t like a song, or if it leaves you indifferent, then you won’t care to own it. However, when you find that an opera, an album or a single song is meaningful to you, then it becomes part of your Music Universe, and that’s when you want to make it yours.

A song can become important to you if it gives you emotions and sensations, if it brings up in you images, memories, scenarios….. or else if you find it useful in certain situations and daily activities, or for any other reason that only you know
…each of us is, in fact, special… and each of us has their own special relationship with Music.

And when you feel a connection with a song, then you want it, and you want it permanently in your collection, to access it whenever you feel like it, to have it in your playlists and musical selections, to use it as you wish, without any limitation whatsoever.

Your music universe

The limits of the music-for-rent catalogs

The streaming platforms tell us that they offer “all the music ever made”, but that is just not true.
On the contrary,
their catalogs are becoming increasingly fragmented:

Every year, in fact, according to business agreements made with labels or individual artists, certain tracks disappear from one catalog only to appear in another: imagine then, one of your favourite songs  disappearing from your catalog, from your collection, selection or playlist, just like that!

So, should you be chasing the music you love from one platform to another?

Or instead of having just one subscription, should you purchase two or more?

And how can you make, enjoy and share playlists, selections and music collections using tracks that belong to different catalogs, when each platform has “closed” systems making it impossible to put together tracks from different sources?

It’s clear that listening to Music from streaming platforms may suit a generic music listener,
but it can never satisfy a real Music Lover.

A One-and-Only Place for the Music you love

Epicentric instead, works with your Music, which you purchased and have the right to listen to forever.
And when you add a song to your personal catalog on Epicentric, it will stay there for good, enriching your Music Universe, and remain forever in the collections, selections and playlists you create.

Epicentric cloud catalog

All the Music you want, without limits

With Epicentric, you are not limited to what you can find in music catalogs, but you can actually use any Audio and Music files that you own.

You can use for example:

“Rare tracks”:

“Different” or “Rare” versions of tracks recorded by famous artists, both “studio” and “live”

“Unknown tracks”:
– Tracks recorded by artists, groups, or orchestras that are not in the catalogs (such as unsigned artists, for example)
– Covers or unpublished recordings by artists, groups, local orchestras that you personally are familiar with

“Personal tracks”:
Covers or unreleased tracks recorded by you, your band, or your friends

“Edited tracks”:
– Tracks you have edited to your liking
– Remixes made by you or by people you know

3) Why pay to listen to Music when you already have yours?

Use the music you already own

Many of you have musical collections accumulated over the years with love, passion, and patience, or perhaps you’ve inherited interesting collections from your parents…
Why should you throw away everything?
You can continue to discover and purchase new music, progressively adding to your collection, yet spend the same amount or even less than you would on a streaming platform.

Beware of subscription costs

Streaming platforms are all running at a loss, and their subscription costs are destined to rise over time.

Some tracks that you like listening to might disappear from the catalog you use, simply because the artists or labels that hold the rights to them sign up with another music provider, maybe even in the next year!
So you might have to give up listening to them, or find yourself forced to make 2 or more subscriptions to different catalogs!

What will happen if we all get rid of our music?
What if proprietary music disappears altogether?
Streaming platforms will become the sole owners of Music!
At that point, how much do you think a subscription will end up costing?
Subscriptions will cost exactly how much you’ll be able and willing to pay,
which means much, much more than what they cost now!

Be careful of “fake” property

As a Music owner or purchaser, be careful of what you’re really buying!

When you purchase proprietary ownership of a track, you have the following rights:
You have the right to listen to it privately, without limitations.
You have the right to make copies for private use.
You have the right to customize it and reproduce it in private.
You have the full property rights that include, among other things, the possibility of donating your music collection to your children, or to others.

When you buy a track from retailers like Amazon or Itunes for example, you are not buying the real property, but only the “right to use it” for the rest of your life.

Don’t believe it? Take a look at this article!

4) It’s your music and you can do what you want!


Currently with Epicentric, you can already edit the following parameters:

   Volume gainTo regulate the volume of individual tracks in your library that are particularly loud or soft, so that you have a balanced volume in your selections, collections, and playlists;

   Equalizer: To optimize the listening of individual tracks, groups of tracks, selections, collections, and playlists;

   Audio cropTo select and use specific parts of a song in your selections, collections, and playlists.

In the near future, we’ll be expanding the range of tools at your disposal to increase your potential and give you increasing control of your listening experience.


First of all, you have no limitations in skipping tracks or creating sequences.
Moreover, thanks to the Playlist Engine and the Intelligent Random
® function, you can do things that no other tool will let you do!

No advertising

You are the owner of your music and you have the right to listen to it whenever you want, without interruptions!

Free Web Navigation

From mobile devices you don’t have to keep the browser window open, you can therefore use other applications or visit other webpages while listening to your Music on Epicentric.

Listening quality

You can upload and use your wave, mp3, m4a, wma, or flac files on Epicentric.
Depending on your connection speed,  you can choose between “lighter” formats that are easier to “stream”, or more thought-out formats which guarantee a higher quality.

With Epicentric, you can go beyond Music and use any type of Audio Content you wish!

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