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Use Epicentric with Google Assistant

Play your music with voice commands!

Epicentric® is a revolutionary platform, designed for Music Lovers, which helps you to listen to your music and audio files from any device.

Upload your files to Epicentric’s cloud, then manage it using its unique technology.

You can connect your tracks to your personal Epikeys® such as “relax”, “energy”, “workout” etc. for example.
Then, by activating your Epikeys, Epicentric will generate playlists, that are always different from each other.

It’s simple to get started:

1 – Register to Epicentric® and upload your music

2 – Link the Action to your Epicentric® account

3 – Ask Google Assistant to play something for you!

Easy, no?

Here are some Examples:

Ok Google, ask Epicentric to play ‘energy’

Ok Google, ask Epicentric to play Pink Floyd

Ok Google, ask Epicentric to play ‘We Will Rock You’

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