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Upload your files on Epicentric’s cloud, and listen to them from any device

Epicentric helps you set up your personal streaming service with 
your own Audio Files
(mp3, m4a, wave, wma, flac).

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You can use Epicentric with:

Audio Books

My University lessons

Speeches of your favorite speakers, coaches, etc…

Audio content for your work and business

Guided physical exercises

Guided Meditations

My favorite podcasts

Your voice notes

Recorded voices of other people, such as registered phone calls or audio messages from your colleagues, partner, friends, children, etc…

Any sound that you might find useful or that you just enjoy listening to, that you’d want to incorporate into your playlists, such as rain, fire, sounds of the sea…

And more:

There is no limit to the types of Audio files that you can work with in Epicentric!

How it works

  • Keep your audio files in order using Maps and visual paths
  • Create selections and playlists with your audio files
  • Share your audio content

In addition, with the Audio crop  feature you can select specific parts of your audio content and combine them with music content in your selections or playlists.

Imagine the possibilities…

“An extraordinary tool to help you put your audio library to its best possible use”

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