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The Platform for Music Lovers

We know that real Music Lovers are also proud Music Owners.

That’s why Epicentric helps you create your personal Music Platform with your own Audio and Music Files (mp3, m4a, wave, wma, flac).

It’s real simple: We provide Epicentric, you provide your Music!

Epicentric cloud

A Unique place for your Music

Is your music all over the place?

Problem solved!

Upload your files to Epicentric’s cloud and you’ll have a one-and-only definitive space for your Music Collection.

Epicentric cloud catalog

Listen to your Music wherever you are

Do you find yourself always moving your Music back and forth from one device to another?

Problem solved!

With Epicentric you can access your account, manage and listen to your music and your playlists from any device,
without installing any software, without having to put up with advertising, and without taking up memory on your device.

Bring Epicentric with you


In addition to being your personal streaming platform,
Epicentric brings you a revolutionary tool
that uses smart and innovative technologies to manage your Music and your Playlists.

Epicentric has been designed and built so that you can organize, rediscover and enhance your music collection and maximize the power of Music in your life.

With Epicentric you can:

Manage Your Music:

Find out how to create your own Music Universe.
Go to the Manage your music page

Manage Your Playlist:


Find out how to use the Playlist Engine and enjoy your Playlists!
Go to Manage your Playlist page

Share your Music Universe:

Discover how to share your Music Universe and experience a deep and intimate connection with others.
Go to Connect through Music page

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