Create your own streaming platform
with your music and audio files

Everybody listen to Music, 
but some are just listeners, 

while others are Lovers.

Epicentric is a revolutionary tool designed for Music Lovers.

Epicentric helps you to care, to enjoy and to share your music.

Epicentric helps you to fully harness the power of Music in your life.

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Use your Own Music…

“Why chase after music on the web if you have your own?”

Epicentric cloud

With Epicentric you can use your own Music and Audio files.
No advertisements, No limitations.
It’s real simple: We provide Epicentric, you provide your Music!

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…and Enjoy it wherever you are!

With Epicentric I can have my whole collection at my fingertips.

Epicentric always with you

Want to have your Music always with you?
Just upload it to Epicentric’s cloud and listen to it from any of your devices!

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Epicentric is much more

In addition to being your personal streaming platform with your music,

Epicentric is a revolutionary tool
that uses Smart and innovative technologies to manage your Music and your Playlists.

Epicentric has been designed and built so that you can tidy up, rediscover and enhance your music collection and maximize the power of Music in your life.

With Epicentric you can:

Manage Your Music:

Find out how to create your own Music universe and use your music to the fullest.
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Manage Your Playlist:


Find out how to use the Playlist Engine and enjoy your Playlist!
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Share your Music Universe:

Discover how to share your Music Universe to experience a deep and intimate connection!
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