The Playlist evolution

Personal Playlist Vs. Mass Playlist

Personal Playlist
Mass Playlist

The mass playlists churned out by streaming platforms through their centralized algorithms can never satisfy those who deeply love music.

Music Lovers know they are special, and realize that no algorithm can ever really understand the music they want, because algorithms ignore their unique lives and imaginations.

Music Lovers need more choice, more possibilities and more control over their listening experience.

A new Playlist Technology


That’s why we’ve brought you a new playlist technology that helps you to design and enjoy your personal listening experience so that you can maximize the power of music in your life.

“Simply the most powerful tool around to manage your playlists.”

Discover it now!

Design your listening experience

Step 1: Choose your Tracks

In Epicentric, you are the one to pick which tracks will make up your playlists.

Create your Epikeys

Imagine Epikeys as “virtual folders” to which you can link your Music!

You can create Epikeys to describe musical genres, artists, emotions, sensations and memories, or to represent periods in your life, daily activities and more…
Your only limit is your imagination!

Here are some examples:

Create Your Maps

You can create Maps to arrange your Epikeys using groupings, pathways and sequences.

Here are some examples:


Create your Links

The Links represent the connections between Music and your inner self.
You can create Links by connecting the tracks of your catalog to your Epikeys.

For example: have you found a song that reminds you of your high school days?
Just create the Epikey ”school days” and Link the song to it!

As you link the rest of your catalog, Epicentric learns and saves these musical associations that you have, playing the Music that’s perfect for you, just when you need it!

Step 2: Customize your listening experience


With Epicentric, you can edit the settings on your Epikeys and your Links to change how your music tracks will play, without modifying or duplicating the original files, saving space on your device.

You can adjust volume, equalization, and set “audio crops” to affect:

   Volume gain: One or more tracks in the playlist will play at a higher or lower volume compared to the others.

   Equalizer: One or more tracks in the playlist will perform with your customized equalization.

   Audio crop: Audio crop: You can crop one or more tracks in a playlist as you wish, so that only certain parts will play.

To find out more about editing with Epicentric go to the page Customize your Music Universe.

Step 3: Manage Your Playlist Sequence


As with any basic software, you can choose between an ordered or random sequence, but with Epicentric you can do much more!

To find out how to customize the playback sequence of your playlists, go to the The Paylist Engine page.

…and Enjoy your Music!

You can access your Maps and activate your Epikeys with just one click.

When you activate an Epikey, Epicentric generates a Playlist made up of all its Links,
playing the Music tracks you’ve connected to it.

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