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The Playlist evolution

The power of Music

Music has the power to inspire us, to change our mood, to generate emotions and sensations, to evoke images and memories, to color our lives.

The power of music

Personal Playlist Vs. Mass Playlist

Personal Playlist
Mass Playlist

The mass playlists given by the streaming platforms through their central algorithms do not work for those who love music deeply.

Music Lovers know they are unique and know that no algorithm can really know what music they want in every circumstance because no algorithm knows their lived and imaginary.

Music Lovers therefore want more choice, more possibilities and more control over their listening experience, and therefore want personal playlists.

A new Playlist Tecnhology


That’s why we designed a new playlist technology that helps you to prepare and enjoy your personal listening experience and that gives you more possibilities so that you can maximize the Power of music in your life.

“Simply the most powerful existing tool to manage your playlist.”

Discover how!

Prepare your Listening Experience

Step 1: Choose your Tracks

In Epicentric, you are the one to choose which tracks will be part of your playlists.
Each track represents a mind association between you and that track!

To choose your tracks you will use the Epicentric technology.

Create Your Epikeys

You can create “Epikeys” to describe genres, emotions, sensations, memories or periods of your life, daily activities, scenarios, and anything to which for you is useful or meaningful to connect your Music files.

Imagine the “Epikeys” as “virtual folders” to which you can link your Music!

Here are some examples:

Keys Examples

Create Your Maps

Create your Maps to arrange your Epikeys using groupings, pathways and sequences.

Here are some examples:


Create your Links

Every time you feel that a track is for you associated with a Epikey you can connect it to it thus creating your Links.
So you can fill your Epikeys with your musical links, thus progressively connecting all your music to yourself!

Through the Links then Epicentric learns your personal and specific musical mental associations, and that is why it will then be able to play exactly the Music you want when you want.

Step 2: Customize your listening experience


In Epicentric instead of editing your music files, you can edit your Epikeys and your Links by acting on the playback mode of individual tracks or all the tracks that are part of the playlists without modifying the original files and without taking up extra space.

You can act on volume, equalization and set “audio cuts” and get that:

   Volume gain: One or more songs will play at a higher or lower volume in a playlist;

   Equalizer: One or more tracks will play with a specific equalization in a playlist;

   Audio crop: Only some specific parts of one or more tracks will be included in a playlist.

To find out how to edit the tracks in your catalog and your Links, Epikeys and Maps go to the page Customize your Music Universe.

Step 3: Manage Your Sequence


As in any other tool you can choose between an ordered or random sequence, but in Epicentric you can do much more!

To find out how to customize the playback sequence of your playlists go to the The Paylist Engine page.

And Enjoy your Playlist

Whenever you want to listen to your Music you can activate your Epikeys and Maps with just one click.

When you activate an Epikey or a Map Epicentric generates a Playlist composed of all its Links and so all the Music files you have connected to it.

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