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For those like you who love music deeply, we have created a powerful and innovative Playlist Engine that works with your music files, and that will help you design your personal listening experience.

Thanks to our technology (Epikey, Link and Map) and its Playlist Engine, you’ll have new and unlimited options to manage your playlists.

Welcome to the Playlist Evolution!

“It’s like having your personal radio station playing the music you want, where you want, when you want!”

Generate playlists from your Maps



Generate playlists from an Epikey

Imagine an Epikey as a “virtual folder” to which you can link your tracks.

When you activate an Epikey, Epicentric generates a playlist with all the tracks you’ve linked to it.



Generate playlists from a Map

A map is group of Epikeys, which means you have more “virtual folders” available.
When you activate a Map, Epicentric generates a playlist with the tracks you’ve linked to all its Epikeys.

What’s more, the playback sequence of a Map-playlist depends on how you design your Map.
Here’s how the playlists are generated using the most common types of Map, like the “Tree Map” and the “Sequential Map”:

1) Generate a playlist from a Tree Map

Tree Maps are ideal for organizing your Epikeys into groups and subgroups, and generating playlists from any of its branches.

Epicentric provides ready-made tree maps that you can use right away with your music.

Browse them in the Maps Gallery and discover their advantages!

2) Generate a playlist form a Sequential map

Sequential Maps are ideal for building paths, musical journeys and experiences accompanied and timed by your Music.

Epicentric provides ready-made sequential maps that you can use right away with your music.

Browse them in the Maps Gallery and discover their advantages!

Customize the sequence of a Map playlist

To customize the Playback Sequence of a Map Playlist, you can use the following 3 features:

1) Play all Links

Exhaust Links

This function ensures an Epikey will play all its links before moving to the next one.

2) Play Epikeys in order

Play Keys in order

When you activate this function (which also enables the “exhaust Links”) the Map’s Epikeys are sorted numerically.

The Playlist Engine will then play all the links of each Epikey before moving on to the next.

By combining this function with the “timer” feature, you can create sequential Maps to design paths, musical Journeys and experiences accompanied and timed by your Music.

3) Ignore Sequences


If you activate this function, the Playlist Engine ignores the ordered sequences you’ve set in your Maps, and plays all the Links randomly.

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