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Epicentric Intelligent Random®

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With Epicentric, like other playlist tools, you can choose between an ordered or random playback.
But the random playlists in Epicentric are generated using a special and innovative technology called Intelligent Random®

The Intelligent Random® it was designed to help you make the most of your music and get the maximum variety when listening to your music catalog.

Combining the Epicentric technology (Keys, Links, Map) to the Intelligent Random® Epicentric can become your personal radio station that plays the music you want whenever you want!

Discover how it works

Basic Rules

1) Playlist composition

Every time you activate a Key Epicentric generates a random playlist composed by all the Links of the activated Key and the keys below and so with all the tracks that you have connected to your Keys.

2) “Equal” Links listening

All links of the activated Key and of the keys below are executed only once.
Once all the links have been executed if you have activated the “Repeat” Icona repeat sul play a sinistra) function, a new playlist will be generated.

3) In-Key Variety

To avoid close reproduction of the same Tracks every time you listen to a Track for more than 50% of its playing time, Epicentric considers it “listened”. When you activate the same Key again, the new playlist generated will queue the last Tracks already listened to.

The Playlist Multiple Problem

One of the biggest problems solved by the Intelligent Random® is that of the Playlist-Multiple. We all happened to find ourselves creating more playlists for the same situation/occasion/activity. For example, if you like running with music and prepare a playlist for the ride is likely that after some time you are fed up with always listening to the same songs and then you will create more playlists for the same activity Es. “Run1”, “Run2”, etc…

But if the playlist “Run1” has 30 songs and during a run you listen to 20 of them remain unheard 10 and the next time you launch the same playlist you could find yourself listening again to the 20 tracks you had already listened to instead of the unheard 10.

Generally making multiple playlists for the same activity is a cumbersome and inefficient activity because it is very likely that some songs will be heard more or less than others.

Epicentric Solution

With Epicentric instead you do not have to do and redo playlists but simply create Keys that you will use to describe activities, scenarios, emotions etc… and connect all of your music to these Keys.

So for your Run , all you have to do is create the Key “Run” Key and everytime you find tracks suitable for the run, you will keep adding them to the same and unique Key “Run”.

When you go to run you just activate your unique Key “Run” and Epicentric will generate Playlists that take consider the previous listening and that will guarantee variety and equanimity between the tracks that are suitable for you to run.

4) Cross-Keys e Cross Maps variety

Intelligente Random® goes even further and guarantees the greatest possible variety in the experience of listening to your entire Music Universe, that is the set of Keys and Maps you’ve created.
Intelligent Random® takes into account your previous listening even when you activate a new Key of the same Map or another Map
Therefore, if the new activated Key contains recently listened tracks, these are queued in the new playlist generated.

5) Cross “Keys/Maps” and “Playlist-it” variety

As you have already seen in addition to activating Keys and Maps, you can generate playlists directly from your Music catalog through the Playlist-it function.
In order to always guarantee the maximum variety in listening to your Music catalog when you switch from playlists generated by “playlist-it to playlists generated by Keys and Maps (and vice versa), Intelligent Random® always keeps track of your previous listening always putting in queue , in the new playlists, the tracks most recently listened to.

6) Cross Devices Variety

Whenever you use Epicentric from any device, what you access is always your Music Universe located in the Epicentric Cloud.
So even if you use Epicentric continuously switching from one device to another (Tablet, PC, Mobile) your Maps, Keys and Links are updated continuously and Epicentric continues to “record” your listening making sure that all the generated playlists from any device take into account previous listening even from other devices.

L’ Intelligent Random® therefore “follows you continuously” to guarantee the maximum variety in listening to your Music catalog.

The Customizing sequence features”

In order to help you to have more control over your listening experience Epicentric provides you with useful and innovative features to customize the sequences of the generated playlists:


icon playback timer

If you activate this feature on a Key the playlists generated by that Key will stop once the time you set has been reached.

Do you want to fall asleep with your music? Create a Key (Es. “make me sleep”), add to it all the Music you like to listen to before sleeping, and set the timer as you like.

Freeze Link


If you enable this feature on Link, and so on a Track you have linked to a Key, the playlists generated by that Key will not include that track until the feature is active.

Are you tired of listening to a song in the playlist generated by a Key but do not want to delete the Link from the key? Use the “Freeze” on that Link and that Track will no longer be included in the playlist!

Freeze Track

If you enable this feature on a song of your music catalog, All Epicentric generated by Epicentric (Playlist-it, Key Playlist and Map Playlist) will not include that song until the “Freeze Track” is active.

Are you tired of listening to a track but do not want to delete it from your music catalog? Use the “Freeze” on that track and it will no longer be included in the Playlist.


icon playback frequence

With this feature you can increase or decrease the frequency with which a Link, and therefore a track connected to a Key, will be played in the playlists generated by that Key.

Is there a Link that you would like to listen more often in the playlists generated by a Key? Increase the Link Frequency and Epicentric will play it more often!
By setting the frequency to “+1” or “+2” the track will be played once or twice more than the other tracks connected to the Key.

Is there a Link that you would like to listen less often in the playlists generated by a Key? Decrease the Link Frequency and Epicentric will play it more rarely!
By setting the frequency to “-1” or “-2” the track will be played once or twice less than the other Tracks connected to the Key.

Certainty or Surprise?

Sometimes we want to know “which track will come next” and so listen to the Tracks in the sequence created by an artist (Es. by listening to an entire album) or an ordered sequence designed by ourselves.
Some other times we prefer to be “surprised” by the “next track that arrives”.

Thanks to the following feature you can balance “Certainty” and “Surprise” by obtaining a “random” but at the same time “customizable” sequence.

Chain Link

icon sequence chain

This feature allows you to put in sequence 2 or more Links, and so 2 or more tracks linked to a Key, thus creating a “Chain of Links”.
When you create a Chain of Links, the Random Playlists generated by that Key will play the tracks that are part of the Chain in an ordered sequence, even if within a Random Playlist.

Have you ever wanted a Random Playlist but at the same time wanting 2 or more tracks to be played in a specific order? With the Chain links you can get it!

For example, if you want a random playlist of your Key “Queen” that contains all the tracks of Queen, but you want that “We Will Rock you” and “We are the Champions” are always performed “close” to each other you can tie them in a Chain. When you activate the Key “Queen” Epicentric generate a random playlist will all the Tracks linked to the Key but the 2 Tracks that are part of the Chain will be executed one after the other.

Play first

icon play first

If you enable this feature on a Link, and so on a Track you have linked to a Key, that Link will always be played first in the playlists generated by that Key.

For example you may have created the Key “celebrate” to which you Linked all the tracks you consider suitable to celebrate your success but you want one of these Tracks, or part of it, or a specific sound to be always played first compared to others Tracks, because it boosts a lot you and lets you enter that mood immediately.

Or you could have created the Key “Meditation” to which you Linked the Music you consider suitable for Meditation, but you want to listen first to a track or a part of it or a specific sound that helps you to enter the right state.

Moreover, the “Play First” is very useful when you create sequential maps and you want that your activities, paths, rituals, experiences are accompanied and punctuated by your music.

For example, if your running routine consists of “Breath” phases for 3 minutes, “Slow Run” for 30 minutes and “Fast Run” for 10 minutes you could use in each of these Keys a sound that signals the beginning of every step without having to constantly check your watch.

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