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With Epicentric, like other playlist tools, you can choose between an ordered or random playback.
However, the random playlists in Epicentric are generated using a special and innovative technology called Intelligent Random

Intelligent Random® was designed to help you make the most of your music and enjoy  maximum variety when listening to your music catalog.

Combining Epicentric’s technology (Epikeys, Links, Maps) with the Intelligent Random® function makes Epicentric like your personal radio station, that plays the music you want, where you want, and whenever you want!

Discover how it works

Intelligent Random®‘s basic criteria

1) Playlist creation

When you activate an Epikey, Epicentric generates a playlist made up of all its Links,  as well as the Links of all its sub-keys.

2) Equally-weighted Links

All links are executed only once.
If the “Repeat icon repeat black” function is active, once all the links have been played, a fresh new playlist will be generated, using the same tracks.

3) Listening Variety

Epicentric remembers those tracks that have been played recently.

When you activate any Epikey, the tracks that have been recently played, are queued last in the newly-generated playlist.

This variety rule also works when you switch devices as your listening source, and when you change between the two modes of generating playlists: from your catalog (playlist-it function) and from your Epikeys and Maps.


The Intelligent Random® function “follows your every step” to guarantee you maximum variety as you listen to your catalog!

The Playlist Multiple Problem

One of the biggest problems solved by the Intelligent Random® function is that of the Playlist-Multiple: we all happen to find ourselves creating more playlists for the same situation/occasion/activity, yet we can all agree that making multiple playlists for the same activity is cumbersome and inefficient, since it’s very likely that you’ll always end up listening to some of the same songs more or less often than the others.

For example, if you like running with music and make a playlist for your work-out, it’s probable that after some time you’ll get fed up of the same songs, and you’ll find yourself creating more playlists for the same activity, such as “Run1”, “Run2”, etc…

However, if your playlist “Run1” has 30 songs and during your run you listen to only 20 of them, it means 10 remain unplayed. Consequently, the next time you launch the same playlist, you could find yourself listening again to the same 20 tracks while leaving out those other 10.

Epicentric Solution

With Epicentric, instead, you don’t have to make and remake playlists, just simply create Epikeys that describe your activities, scenarios, emotions, etc… and link up your music to them accordingly.

All you have to do, is create the specific Epikey called “Run”, and every time you find tracks suitable for running, just keep linking them to it.

When you do your workout, just activate this Epikey “Run”, and Epicentric will generate Playlists that take into consideration the tracks you’ve previously listened to, thus guaranteeing variety and equal weighting between the tracks you’ve chosen.

Customizing features

In order to help you have more control over your listening experience, Epicentric provides you with useful and innovative features to customize the sequences of the generated playlists, overriding the above criteria.


icon playback timer

Want to have a playlist that lasts for a specific length of time?

You can do that by setting the TIMER on an Epikey!

When you set a timer on an Epikey, the playlist generated will stop at the time you choose.

The Playlist Engine will choose the tracks that fit into the exact amount of time you’ve chosen, and if need be, fade out the last song.

For example: Do you want to fall asleep with your music?

1-Create an Epikey (Ex. “make me sleep”),

2-Link all the tracks to it that you want to listen to,

3-Set the timer as you like.

Freeze Link


Tired of a Link in an Epikey, but don’t want to delete it?

Freeze it, and the playlists generated from that Epikey will skip it.

Freeze Track

Tired of listening to a track in your catalog, but don’t want to get rid of it?

Freeze it, and all the playlists generated by Epicentric will skip it.

Link Frequency

icon playback frequence

Is there a track in the playlists generated from your Epikeys that you want to listen to more, or less often?

Use the Link Frequency!

By setting the frequency to +1 or +2, the track will be played once or twice MORE OFTEN than the other tracks linked to that Epikey.

By setting the frequency to -1 or -2, the track will be played once or twice LESS OFTEN than the other tracks linked to that Epilkey.

Certainty or Surprise?

Sometimes we want to know “which track will come next” and listen to the tracks in the sequence created by the artist (Ex. an entire album), or an ordered sequence designed by us.
Other times, we prefer to be “surprised” by the next track coming up.

Thanks to the following feature, you can balance “Certainty” and “Surprise” by having a “random”, but at the same time “customizable”, sequence generated.

Chain Link

icon sequence chain

Have you ever wanted a Random Playlist, but at the same time preferred 2 or more of its tracks to be played in a specific order?

With the Chain Link, you can have it!

When you create a chain of Links, the Random Playlists generated by the Epikey will play the tracks you add to the Chain in an ordered sequence.

For example, if you want a random playlist of your Epikey “Queen”, but you want the songs “We Will Rock you” and “We are the Champions” to always follow each other, you can tie them into a Chain. When you then activate the Epikey, Epicentric generates a random playlist of all the tracks linked to it, but will execute those two tracks one after the other.

Play first

icon play first

Have you ever wanted a Random Playlist, but with a specific track always played first?

With the Chain Links you can have it!

If you enable this feature on a Link, its track will always be the first one to be played in the playlist generated from that Epikey.

For example, you may have created the Epikey “Celebrate” to which you’ve Linked all the tracks you consider suitable for celebrating something, but you want one of these tracks, or part of it, or a specific sound, to always come first before the others tracks, because it ‘fires things up’ and gets you immediately in the mood.

Or you might have created the Epikey “Meditation” to which you’ve Linked music you consider suitable, but you want to first hear a track, part of it or a certain sound that helps you to enter the right state.

In addition, the “Play First” function is most useful when you create sequential Maps for your activities, daily rituals, or certain events that you want accompanied and timed by your music.

For example, if you’ve made Epikeys for your running routine, consisting of “Breathing” for 3 minutes, “Slow Run” for 30 minutes, and “Fast Run” for 10 minutes, you could add a sound or riff to them that signals the start of every stage, so you don’t have to constantly check your watch.

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