Create and Enjoy Your Music Universe

For Music Lovers

We know that you Love Music, that’s why we designed Epicentric to help you to:
• Keep your collection in order
• Rediscover, enhance and make the most out of your Music collection.
• Harness the power of Music in your life

A unique tecnology

Epicentric technology


We’ve developed a unique technology that will fully connect you and your Music.

Higher needs require superior technologies.
Luigi Romano

Discover it now

Create your Music Universe: it’s simple!

1) Discover your music links

Close your eyes, listen to your music, and begin a journey deep within yourself
You’ll experience emotions, sensations and memories surfacing…
You’ll come up with new ways and situations in which you can use the music you love.

Begin a journey inside yourself to discover your own Musical Universe… that’s what I call The Magic of Epicentric!”

2) Create your Music Universe

Create your Epikeys

Imagine Epikeys as “virtual folders” to which you can link your Music!

You can create Epikeys to describe musical genres, artists, emotions, sensations and memories, or to represent periods in your life, daily activities and more…
Your only limit is your imagination!

Here are some examples:

Create Your Maps

You can create Maps to arrange your Epikeys using groupings, pathways and sequences.

Here are some examples:


Create your Links

The Links represent the connections between Music and your inner self.
You can create Links by connecting the tracks of your catalog to your Epikeys.

For example: have you found a song that reminds you of your high school days?
Just create the Epikey ”school days” and Link the song to it!

As you link the rest of your catalog, Epicentric learns and saves these musical associations that you have, playing the Music that’s perfect for you, just when you need it!

Your Music Universe

Listen to your tracks and focus on questions such as:

– How do you feel?
– What does it remind you of?
– In which situations would you listen to it?
– What does the music bring up in you?
– What does it mean to you?
– How could you use it in your life?

And so on…

The answers to these questions come together in your Links, in your Epikeys and your Maps,
unveiling and composing your special and unique Music Universe.

The heart of Epicentric is not just the Music, but your intimate relationship with it, and ultimately, with your Self.

Enjoy the experience of navigating your music universe

3) Enjoy your Music!

Now Epicentric knows your Music Links and can play exactly what you want!

You can access your Maps and activate your Epikeys with just one click.

When you activate an Epikey, Epicentric generates a Playlist made up of all its Links,
playing the Music tracks you’ve connected to it.

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