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Create and Enjoy Your Music Universe

For Music Lovers

We now that you Love Music and we want that trough Epicentric you will be able to:
• Tidy up, Re-discover and enhance your Music
• Maximize the power of Music in your life

A unique tecnology


We have therefore developed a unique technology that will allow you to easily connect each of your Music files to yourself thus creating your unique and special Music Universe.

Higher needs require superior technologies.
Luigi Romano

Create your Music Universe it’s simple

1) Discover your Music Mental associations

Close your eyes, listen to your music, and begin a journey deep within yourself…
You will feel emotions, sensations, memories surfacing…
You might think of new ways and situations in which you can use the music you love.

Start a journey inside yourself to discover your own Musical Universe… that’s what i call The Magic of Epicentric!”

2) Create Your Music Universe

Create your Keys

You can create “keys” to describe genres, emotions, sensations, memories or periods of your lifes, daily activities, scenarios, and anything to which for you is useful or meaningful to connect your Music files.

Imagine the “Keys” as “virtual containers” in which you can put your music!

Here are some examples:

Keys Examples

Create Your Maps

You can create your Maps to put your Keys in order by using groupings, pathways and visual maps composed of your Keys.

Here are some examples:


Create your Links

Every time you feel that a track is for you associated with a Key you can connect it to it thus creating your Links.
So you can fill your Keys with your musical links, thus progressively connecting all your music to yourself!

Through the Links then Epicentric learns your personal and specific musical mental associations, and that is why it will then be able to play exactly the Music you want when you want.

Your Music Universe

When you listen to each of your tracks, Epicentric focuses on questions such as:

– What do you feel?
– How does it impact on you?
– What does it means to you?
– In which Situation you like to listen to it?
– How could you use it in your life?
– What does it reminds you?
– What does evokes in you?
And so on…

As you use Epicentric the answers to these questions come together in your Links, in your Keys, in your Maps going to unveil and compose your special and Unique Music Universe.

What is central to Epicentric is therefore not Music, but your special relationship with Music, and therefore ultimately Yourself.

3) and Enjoy your Music!

Now that you created your Music Universe Epicentric knows all your Music Mental associations, that’s why Epicentric can play exactly the music you want, when you want!

You can access your maps and activate your Keys with just one click.

Every time you activate a Key, Epicentric generates a Playlist composed of its Links, therefore of all the Music files you have linked to it.

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