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Manage your Music

Everybody listen to Music, 
but some are just listeners, 

while others are Lovers.

Epicentric is a revolutionary tool designed for Music Lovers.

Epicentric helps you to care, to enjoy and to share your music.

Epicentric helps you to fully harness the power of Music in your life.

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Create and Enjoy Your Music Universe

• Tidy up your collection by using Maps and visual paths.
• Re-Discover, enhance and take the best out of your Music collection.
• Enjoy the experience of navigating in your Music Universe

“Starting a journey inside yourself to discover your own Musical Universe … that’s what i call The Magic of Epicentric!”

Create your own Music Universe

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Customize your Music Universe

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Find out how to create your own streaming platform with your music

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Streaming with your music

Find out how to share your musical universe with your music and playlists.

Music Sharing Space

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Connect through Music

Find out how Epicentric’s Playlist Engine works and how to program it to get personalized playlists

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The Playlist Engine
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