Music Lovers

Everybody like Music, everybody listen to Music,
but some are just listeners,
some others are “Music Lovers”.

Music Lovers don’t just like…. they LOVE Music!

They really know about Music and they can’t live without it!

Music Lovers are Music Owners!

They have plenty of Vinyl, CDs or files, and they are proud to own and tenderly care for their Music.

Music is extremely precious to them, and where they keep their collection is their sacred place, where they can find all their favorite tracks and songs, which they want to be able to access at any time, wherever they are.

“Those who love music also want to own it” – Steve Jobs

Music Lovers know the Power of Music!

They realize Music has a big impact on them and their lives, and they want to use the power of Music to its maximum potential.

Music Lovers know they are a breed apart!

They know they are unique, and they want to discover, feel and express their individuality through Music.

They don’t care about top 20’s, what’s in fashion today, nor about the “mass” music suggestions and soulless “mass” playlists generated by central algorithms.

They know that to use the power of music to its fullest, they must choose… and choose the music  meaningful to them!

Music Lovers are active and creative!

They aren’t content with listening to what is dished out to others: they want more.

They want to get actively involved in designing their personal listening experience.

They love choosing their own music, as well as making music selections and playlists for themselves and for others they care about.

Music Lovers love sharing

They love connecting to others, sharing their moods and feelings, and communicating through Music.

By interacting with others, they enjoy the opportunity of discovering and expanding their Musical universe.

Every single feature of Epicentric has been designed for Music Lovers.

We made Epicentric because we love Music, we made it for ourselves

Luigi Romano • Epicentric CEO