Epicentric® Philosophy

The human-centric revolution

It's all about the person

We firmly believe in people and in technology that benefits their lives. The heart of Epicentric® is not the digital content, but those who use it: that's you, and everyone of us.
We've created this application to satisfy deep-seated human desires that give us all something in common.


Every person is one-of-a-kind, and wishes to discover and express his individuality. Using Epicentric®, each one of us can create and arrange their very own multimedia universe, different from every other.


The human being is both active and creative, finding fulfilment in doing and making. In the digital world, just as in the physical, we need tools that inspire us to create, explore and progress. Epicentric® was designed for this: to light up your thoughts and kick-start you into action, and build what you desire with your very own hands.

Relating to others

Connect to others and feel as one with all: the desire to socialize is part of us. Epicentric® helps make sharing a captivating, intimate experience to enable us to have authentic communication and expand our horizons.


We live off experiences that infuse us with energy and allow us to feed off our passions. Epicentric® is a powerful and innovative platform for those who love to nurture, liberate, and live out their passion for the digital to the fullest.

A vision beyond the digital

The end is the person

Empowering people to be the captain of their own digital destiny

We work with people to help them improve their experience and empower themselves as they integrate digital content into their lives.

Epicentric® becomes an “extension” of the individual

The Epicentric® user knowingly decides what things to filter and endows them with significance by connecting to them and adding them to their life in whatever ways they wish.

An interface between one’s Self and the world

Epicentric® becomes a kind of interface that you consciously put between yourself and “the world”.
The Epicentric® user applies their human intelligence, their intention and choice in interpreting, giving meaning to, and efficiently using what they gather from “the world” in their life.