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Epicentric - The music lovers

Fall in Love with your collection

To own and care for your music collection means to choose passion and freedom.
Whether they’re vinyl records, cds or in other digital formats, if you have your own collection, you have the advantage of being able to listen to exactly what you want - how, when and wherever you like.
Epicentric® is the platform specifically designed for the music that you own.

Epicentric - Living the energy of music to the max

Living the energy of music to the max

Music has a huge impact on our lives. It touches us deeply, generates different emotions and states of mind, and enlivens significant memories, occasions and events.
It expresses that which we are and what we experience.

A real Music Lover gets the most out of music’s magnificent power.
Epicentric® has been created precisely for this!

Express your uniqueness

If you enjoy choosing, discovering and listening to your music in a personalized way, you’re looking for something other than the experience offered by the usual streaming platforms.

Rankings, trends, prompts and mass playlists generated by centralized algorhythms just don’t do it for you.

In Epicentric® only you shall create your ideal musical universe

Get enthused, active e creative

Preparing your own listening experience, creating compilations and playlists for both yourself and others must be one of the most satisfying activities for a Music Lover.

You get to work, experiment, tweak things your way, and have great fun doing it!

Epicentric® fires up your desire to create, and offers you a brand new way to do it:
discover the playlist evolution

Share and involve

Connecting with others through music is a wonderful way of communicating.
You get in sync with people, you engage them intimately, and open up new dimensions of sound to all.

Circulate the energy of the music in your Epicentric® Sharing Spaces.

Everything in Epicentric® is designed for Music Lovers.
Because it was dreamed of, thought up and created by lovers of music.
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