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Craig Pruess
Craig PruessWorld musician, arranger, producer, award-winning composer.
“There are so many reasons i get excited about Epicentric. I pick these two aspects: 1) I love how the process of organising your own “musical universe” is a self-discovery and “wow” experience, and 2): colliding with someone else’s music world exposes me to music that’s never been on my personal radar…. I remember as a student that a couple of my friends had quite amazing record collections. Their eagerness to share with me (an inquisitive and impressionable musical soul) was very special. This very sharing turned me onto a host of music that later turned out to be highly influential on my career and musical imagination!! And when it’s your day job, that’s no small thing….”


World musician, arranger, producer, award-winning composer and sound sculptor, Craig Pruess has created a globally known series of Sacred Chant CDs — including “Sacred Chants of Shiva”, “108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine” (“Devi Prayer” as used by Anthony Robbins and many yoga teachers, healers), including 22 other CDs. An Art of Living teacher for over 20 years, he is also known as a social activist with his African fusion band, the Ganda Boys, who have been championed by Claes Nobel, senior member of the Nobel Prize family. Their song, composed by Craig, “The Forgotten People” (IMA nominated, and which features 21 GRAMMY artists, including a Syrian refugee orchestra and African refugees recorded and filmed in Munich, Germany), has spearheaded a humanitarian campaign to bring international awareness to the plight of refugees and the displaced in the world (60 million). This song was performed at the United Nations headquarters in November 2016 at a special concert in the presence of the UNHCR and African/international delegates. A British Academy Award nominated composer, Craig has scored the music soundtracks for two number one UK box office feature films, “Bend It Like Beckham” and “Bride & Prejudice”. Craig is a multi-instrumentalist on Indian sitar/ vocals, classically trained on trumpet, piano, percussion; an experienced electronic music programmer, orchestral arranger (Massive Attack, Sir Elton John, Def Leppard and Sir Cliff Richard), he is an orchestral conductor and one of the few composers trained & experienced in three great musical traditions of the world: Indian classical & folk music, African music (many styles, having lived and worked in music in Africa for two years), and every genre of Western music (from classical to ethnic).

Matteo Giovanni Manzini
Matteo Giovanni ManziniBreath Coach, Presidente dell'A.I.R. (Associazione Italiana Rebirthing)
“Epicentric ha reso il mio lavoro più facile ed efficace. Precisione, tantissime combinazioni, risposte immediate…
Lo sento io, lo sentono i miei allievi.”


Breath Coach, Presidente dell’A.I.R. (Associazione Italiana Rebirthing), Formatore e Conferenziere, Responsabile del Corso di Formazione di Breath Coaching e Rebirthing.
Appassionato esploratore delle infinite possibilità che il respiro offre, è impegnato nella crescita personale da oltre 20 anni come praticante e poi come professionista.