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If you’re a Music Lover, and you’re at least 30 years old, you’ll surely remember that when you were growing up, you weren’t too interested in music fashion or the Top 10, but rather you followed your heart to discover new sounds and expand your Musical Universe.

And during your life, you’ve surely met many other Music Lovers, as passionate about music as you.

Maybe it was a roommate, maybe a neighbour, maybe a classmate, or maybe your significant other.

Maybe there was someone who invited you to listen to Music at their house,
or maybe they used to lend you tapes, vinyl or Compact Discs.

Perhaps you were in a large department store in the music section, and met someone just like you, rummaging through the shelves of albums there, and you ended up talking, or maybe it was in one of those fantastic little music shops, where someone who really “knew about music” was working, and they told you about that particular artist who had captured your attention, and then gone on to accompany you on your new musical exploration…

Maybe even now, you still associate some artists or albums with the person who helped you discover them…

Finding new music by interacting with others was what made it such a fulfilling experience!

Online Catalog and Musical suggestions

Instead, what happens today?

If you buy Music files, you find yourself alone, browsing endless musical catalogs, where the only  “human” presence you come across is perhaps the comment of some stranger, or worse, just ratings, rankings or information about what is “popular”, as if you could care less!

If you use a streaming platform instead, you are swamped by increasingly meddlesome suggestions generated by algorithms that pedal, often by playing continuously what they “believe” you want to hear, or even worse, the artists or tracks that they want to promote.

One’s personal experience of discovering and buying music has been totally dulled, dried-up and de-humanized.

lonely music discovery

Music Discovery in Epicentric

A different Experience

In Epicentric, we’ve made a clear choice of Experience:
We champion the discovery of new music through peoples’ interaction.

When you explore Sharing Spaces created by others, you navigate their Maps, activate their Epikeys, and listen to the Music they’ve connected to them, discovering the connection they have with it.

You’ll discover new sounds, new material, and new ways of using Music, through an understanding of the relationship that others have with it.

Your Music Universe will expand continuously through this interaction, and through the deep and intimate connection with others that it provides.

Expand your Music Universe

Here’s how to use Sharing Spaces to discover new Music:

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