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Expand your Music Universe

The many beautiful ways to Discover New Music

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If you are a Music Lover and you are at least 30 years old you will surely remember that you were not interested in fashion or Top 10, but you use to follow your personal path to discover new music and expand your Music Universe.

During your life you have met many Music Lovers, passionate about music as you.

Maybe it was someone who lived at home with you, maybe he was a neighbour, maybe a classmate, or your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Maybe it was someone who invited you to listen to Music at his house,
or maybe he use to lent you tapes, vinyl or Compact Discs.

Maybe some artist or albums are still associated in your mind to that person who made you discover it!

Or you went into a store and met someone like you rummaging through the shelves and you spoke to him, or maybe you entered one of those great little Music shops, where someone who “knew about music”, spoke to you about the artist who captured your attention and accompanied you to his discovery…

The discovery of new music use to pass through the interactions with others and it was so beautiful

Online Catalog and Musical suggestions

What happens today?

If you buy Music files you find yourself alone to browse endless musical catalogs, where all the “human” activity you can find is perhaps the comment of some stranger, or worse, rating, rankings or information about what is “popular” as if this mattered something!

If you use a streaming platform instead, you are studded by increasingly intrusive suggestions generated by algorithms that suggest or even keep playing continuously what “they believe you want to hear” or even worse the artists or tracks that they intend to “promote”.

The experience of discovering and buying music has been totally cut off, dried up and de-humanized.

lonely music discovery

Music Discovery in Epicentric

A different Experience

In Epicentric we made a clear choice of experience:
We want the discovery of new music to take place through the interaction between people.

When you explore Sharing Spaces created by other people, you navigate their Maps, activate their Keys, and listen to the Music they connected to each Key, discovering their musical mental associations.

So you can discover new Music and new ways of using Music (what do they feel? how do they use it? what period of their life do they connect it? etc.) through an understanding of the relationship that others have with Music.

Your Music Universe therefore expands continuously through the interaction and intimate and deep connection with others.

Expand your Music Universe

Here’s how to use sharing spaces to discover new Music:

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“Sharing is not dropping a link somewhere,
sharing is a Deep and Intimate experience.”

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“Use the power of music to excite them!”

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