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If you are a Music Lover, and lived your adolescence in the 80s or 90s, you will certainly have had the particular experience of making a “Tape” for someone else, or receiving a tape made for you.

Create contents for others

Why did you do it?

To Share…

You had the need to share your special relationship with Music, and make others feel what you felt.

To communicate…

You used the power of music to communicate on a deeper level; maybe you wanted to get through to someone, or someone wanted to get through to you!

To discover New Music…

You wanted to introduce your favorite artists to your friends, or discover new artists through them.

Remember the care you took to make the package, how you colored it, what you wrote on it?
Remember how you used to choose each track and make the sequence?
You had that person in mind while you were doing it.
You were thinking about what they would feel, how they would react.
You really wanted to thrill them!

By the same token, when you received a tape, you felt that someone was thinking of you…

Today, with Epicentric you can feel and let others feel these same emotions once again.

Thanks to Epicentric’s technology (Epikeys, Links, Maps) you can use your Music and your creativity to design selections, musical journeys, daily rituals and meaningful experiences for someone else!

Share and communicate your Music

All you have to do then, is to create a Sharing Space where you can invite your guests to explore, listen and comment on the content that you have designed for them.

Are you already thinking of someone you could do that for?
Enter Epicentric now!

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“Sharing is not posting a link somewhere,
sharing is a deep and intimate experience.”

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Expand your Music Universe

“Instead of depending on algorithms and mass suggestion, I find it’s much more stimulating to interact with real people”

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