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Would you like to connect to others in a special way?

Epicentric helps you do it through Music!

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Sharing with Epicentric is something else

Remember when you used to invite someone over?
You wanted to share with them all the wonderful things you had. It might have been your games, your photos, your books, and of course, your Music!

But when you listened together, it was not just about Music; your friend understood how you lived and related to it… what you did, how you moved and how you felt as the rhythm and the melodies flowed in and around the room…

That was a true sharing experience!

Music Sharing Space

Now you can live those emotions once again!

With Epicentric you don’t just share the tracks in your catalog, but you can actually explore your Epikeys, Links and Maps with each other, sharing your special relationship with Music, and unveiling different dimensions of your “Musical Self”.

To learn how to create your Epikeys and Maps go to the page Create and Enjoy Your Musical Universe

Share music

Sharing is not posting a link somewhere, but a far more significant experience.”

How does it works? Create your Sharing Spaces!

A Sharing Space is a private environment where you can invite your guests and share your Epikeys and Maps with them.

They will be able to explore your content, listen to your music and playlists, and comment on them with you and the others.

Ready to start your sharing experience?

Give a name to your Sharing Space
Write a description of it
Choose a background image
Add the Epikeys and Maps you want to share. Your guests will be able to activate your Epikeys and Maps and listen to the generated playlists.
Invite your guests. In order for your sharing experience to remain intimate, you can invite up to a maximum of 7 people in each space.
And Enjoy!

Merging of the Music Universes

The person you invite into your Sharing Space will find themselves navigating in your Music Universe.

When somebody invites you into a Sharing Space, you instead will be the one to explore and discover their Music Universe.

When you both do it, the magic happens, and your Universes merge, enriching and expanding both your realities!

Musical Universe Fusion

Are you already thinking of someone you could do it with?
Enter Epicentric now!

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