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About Us

Epicentric is developed by:

Virtuous Circle S.a. Via Calgari, 2 6900 Lugano (Swizerland),
Founded in June 2015

Epicentric Team

Luigi Romano

Luigi Romano

Entrepreneur, Music Lover, Musician, Channeler, Free Thinker.

Epicentric and I
Epicentric was born out of my great passion for music and my desire to use its power, but it took me far beyond that: It joined the dots of my life’s journey and became my bridge to communicate with the world, and my contribution to impact humankind for the better.

Lorenzo Cogliati

Lorenzo Cogliati
Front-end developer

Passionate about music and video games, with a life dedicated to UIs.

Epicentric and I
Epicentric gave me the opportunity to merge two worlds very dear to me: Music and UI.
This is why I dedicated myself so fully to this project, which has gradually become part of my life; a dream come true.

Gianandrea Terzi

Gianandrea Terzi
Solution architect

Dreamer, Designer, Creator of advanced technology and applications.

Epicentric and I
For me, music is an ever-present path, and Epicentric is the best possible way to travel it.
With no other product have I ever had the opportunity to make those otherwise silent moments, that accompany us daily, fully come alive.

Gianmarco Basso

Gianmarco Basso
Digital strategist

Music Lover.

Epicentric and I
Through Epicentric I realized how unique the relationship is between music and ourselves, but at the same time how it threads itself seamlessly throughout the fibres of society, enriching our lives.
My research, motivated by this philosophy, has allowed me to discover new facets of the human soul and widen my vision of the world.


Angelo Bianchi
Art Director & Design

Creative, Musician and Composer, NLP Master, Life Coach, Futurist.

Epicentric and I
With Epicentric it was love at first sight. I loved the idea of participating in the creation of this project. Having studied and experimented for about 30 years with the mind, its perceptions and our states of consciousness, I understood at once that this was a great idea that could help people to overcome their limits and empower themselves, thanks to the power of music.

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The Epicentric Team

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