Use the Power of Music in your life!

Everybody listen to Music, 
some are just Music listeners, 

some others are Music Lovers.

Epicentric is a revolutionary tool designed for Music Lovers.

Epicentric helps you take care, enjoy and share your music.

Epicentric helps you to use the power of Music in your life.

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Discover what you can do with Epicentric

Create your own streaming platform
with your own Music

1) Use your Own Music…

“Why should i chase music on the web when i already have mine?”

Epicentric cloud

With Epicentric you can use your own Music and Audio files. No advertisement, No limitations.
Its so Simple: We put Epicentric, you put your Music!

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2) …and Enjoy it wherever you are!

“With Epicentric i have a unique and definitive place for all my music.”

Epicentric always with you

Do you want to have your Music Collection always with you?
Just put it on Epicentric’s cloud and listen to it from all your devices!

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Create and enjoy your Music Universe!

• Tidy up your Music by using Maps and visual paths.
• Re-Discover, enhance and take the best out of your Music collection.
• Enjoy the experience of navigating in your Music Universe

“Starting a journey inside yourself to discover your Music Universe … that’s what i call The Magic of Epicentric!”

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Discover The Playlist Evolution

• Access your maps and generate your playlists with just one click.
• Discover the advantages of Intelligent Random®
• Set the Playlist Machine to customize your playlist and discover new and unlimited possibilities!

“Its like having your personal radio station playing the music you want when you want!”

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Connect through Music

Create your own Sharing Spaces™ with your contents, and invite other people to explore them.

Sharing Spaces

Share Your Music Universe

Connect to others to share your special relationship with Music!

Share music

“Sharing is not dropping a link somewhere,
sharing is a Deep and Intimate experience.”

Think and create contents for others

Prepare collections, selections, paths, rituals and musical experiences for others.

Share and communicate your Music

“Use the power of music to excite them!”

Expand your Music Universe

Connect to others to discover new music and new ways to use music!

Expand your Music Universe

“I think that discovering music through algorithms and mass suggestions is a really poor experience… It’s much more stimulating to interact with real people”

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Epicentric is different because

Power of music

It’s Person centered

Epicentric focuses on you and the impact of music in your life.

“It’s not only about Music, is about you”

It’s innovative

Epicentric is highly innovative and constantly projected to offer new possibilities for Music Lovers

“We are only at the beginning,
we see unlimited possibilities towards us.”

It’s Experience focused

Epicentric is commited to offer a Magical and Energizing experience

“Epicentric takes you inside you… and where the Focus goes the energy flow…”

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