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Maximize the power of music within your life

Discover what inspires you

Transform your mood

Evoke emotions and sensations

Let your energy take off

Ignite your creativity

Relive your fondest memories

and much more...

Have you ever felt sad, or low of energy? Do you know which music makes you feel good, or that reenergizes you?
Or how about when you’re working, studying, or participating in a sport? Is there music that helps you to concentrate or obtain better results?
Of course, there is!
So why not use the power of music, intentionally, to change your current state?

How does it work?

With the technology of the Epicentric®system you can associate your music and your images with key words (“Keys”) that you create, and you can design your “Music Mental Map®";so that you can effectively organize your Keys.

Watch and discover how!

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What can you do with Epicentric®

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Use the online software to create your Music Mental Map® with all of your playlists

Manage your playlists with the Random Intelligent® system

Listen to your playlists online from all of your devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)

Share your Music Mental Map® and meet new friends all over the world

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